Hyundai Sonata Hidden Features and Tech

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata offers excellent design and classic lines for the drivers who prefer a sedan. With the Sonata, Hyundai has increased its efforts to bring the best of features for the drivers who enjoy the style and grace this type of car has to offer. The 2020 Sonata has publicized many of its new improvements. Drivers know that it offers a self park feature and connectivity for your devices. They also know that the outward design is unique, unlike any of the other midsize cars on the road.

The 2020 Sonata brings a fun flair to its outward appearance. The interior is spacious and comfortable. For drivers who enjoy a smooth ride, this car gives them an offering that’s easy to handle and looks great in any situation. But this article isn’t meant to concentrate on the things you can readily find already printed and advertised about the Sonata.

When car manufacturers put together their marketing and advertising, they concentrate on a few specific features — the ones that are most likely to gain great attention. Dealerships and experts who write reviews will often focus on these big name changes in design and technology. But we think that the devil is often in the details. The 2020 Hyundai Sonata offers a few surprising features that you might not know about if you haven’t truly explored the car from the inside out.

Top Five Hidden Features

The Sonata has a number of great and highly publicized features. Here we want to dive into some lesser known aspects of this new offering.

  • Entertainment Center Sounds of Nature. This is just a little extra that you might not notice on first inspection. The entertainment center offers the option for “sounds of nature”. If you click on that option, you’ll be presented with a number of possible sound choices that include sea waves, forest sounds, and rain, to name a few. You may prefer music or audio books but this is just a cool little feature that gives you some other options.
  • Gradient LED. There are LED running lights that frame the outside of the headlight and form a gradient effect as it merges into the chrome accent. The chrome accent that runs down the side of the car. This feature is unique to the design of this car and gives it an ultra sporty, modern look. At first glance, you might just note it for the aesthetics but the way that the LED daytime running lights are positioned makes it a one of a kind and stunning feature.
  • Blue Light Filter. This is a feature that many tech companies and smart phone manufacturers are starting to use on their screens. Screens have a harsh blue light that can have a damaging impact for people who use them too long. Sonata has added a filter to minimize the strain caused by constant exposure to screens when using the entertainment center. You can access this option for your display in your entertainment center.
  • Driver Attention Warning. The Sonata has several cameras around the car to aid in various functions of driving and safety. This feature uses those cameras to detect when the driving pattern has become sloppy or less attentive. The system gives you a warning so that you can adjust your driving. This can be an excellent feature to give you a quick correction if you’re overtired and not paying enough attention. It’s helpful for new drivers and those who may be preoccupied behind the wheel.
  • Interior Lighting Customization. Hidden in the entertainment center, you have the ability to customize the lighting within the vehicle. The option is called “ambient lighting”. Once you’re in this menu, you have the ability to customize the brightness of the interior lights and you can change the color. There’s a set menu option with individual colors or you can customize further by choosing a color out of a color wheel.

For drivers who want a midsize sedan, the Sonata is stylish and available in appealing colors. The interior is comfortable, with quality craftsmanship and materials, as well as ample room for passengers and driver. It handles well and offers good mileage. The extra features are likely not the deciding factor in your car purchase, but overall this is an excellent sedan with features that can make the driving experience more fun.