The Redesigned Hyundai Sonata, a Model in Review

We cannot overstate how exciting the new design and innovations are for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. They’ve taken the traditional sedan and made it a unique, sporty, sleek looking car that is nothing like anything else in its class. Before we get into the individual aspects of this car, let’s start with the basics. The Sonata is a great model for anyone who likes driving a sedan. If you want the smooth ride and easy drivability that is common in the sedan models, the Sonata has you covered.

The Sonata is available in four trim models and boasts clean clients and a unique face. The design is lower and wider, giving it a sports car like quality with all the classic interior comfort of a sedan. The interior is roomy, with high quality craftsmanship. For drivers, the experience is laid out so that all of your features are easily accessible. For passengers, there is plenty of legroom and comfortable seating.

This sedan features fuel economy and style. Sonatas with the standard 2.5L engine get 28 miles per gallon in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. The 1.6L Turbo engine is available in the SEL Plus and Limited trim models. Those models get 27 miles per gallon in the city and 36 on the highway.

Technology in the 2020 Sonata

Hyundai designed the 2020 Sonata with the driver’s ultimate comfort and safety in mind. In today’s fast paced world, drivers need to be connected on the road, and the Sonata is fully equipped with new technology to make traveling more convenient. There is a 10.25 inch touchscreen, that gives drivers access to a fully functional infotainment system. Drivers can connect their Android or Smartphone to access directions and any app on their phone. They can also take advantage of all the features that come with the car, such as ambiance lighting.

Not only that, but the Sonata allows you to program your phone to act as a key, unlocking the doors and starting the engine. And you can program this feature on multiple phones if you have extra drivers for the same car in the household. If that seems like a lot to put on your phone, don’t worry. The Sonata also comes equipped to charge your phone wirelessly, so you won’t be depleting your battery by using it on the road.

One feature that drivers are raving about is the smart park capability. With the Sonata, you can get out of the car and park it remotely, letting you squeeze into tight spaces without worrying about getting in and out.

Hyundai Sonata’s SmartSense Offerings

SmartSense features are designed to make the driver’s experience easier and safer. Some features you can expect in the Sonata include:

  • Forward Collision Avoidance Assist. This feature detects possible collisions ahead and warns the driver. This includes pedestrians and other vehicles. If the driver doesn’t brake immediately, the car will automatically apply the emergency braking system.
  • Lane Follow Assist. This feature makes sure that the car stays between the lines. For drivers who are tired or less experienced, this feature assists the steering to maintain optimal safety.
  • Rear Occupant Alert. This feature reminds drivers to check the backseat so that no belongings, pets, or children are accidentally left in the vehicle.
  • Highway Drive Assist. For those long drives, this feature makes sure that you’re following the car in front of you at a safe distance and helps keep the car safely in its lane.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Avoidance Assist. This feature is especially helpful in crowded parking lots, but it can also alert you to pedestrians, especially children, walking behind the vehicle. The car alerts you when something is entering the zone behind you as you’re backing up.
  • Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist. This feature alerts you if someone is in your blind spot when you turn on the turn signal.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Drivers

The Sonata was named the Best Family Sedan by Motorweek’s 2020 Driver’s Choice Awards. It’s an excellent sedan choice for safety and connectivity. The Sonata also handles well and is compact enough to maneuver in the city, while offering enough room for a family to comfortably travel.

The sporty exterior makes this car a lot of fun. It looks good in any scenario, from work to play to more formal occasions. Overall, this is a great choice for anyone who prefers a mid-size car. Take a look at our video below to see all of these offerings plus more!

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