Three Advantages of a Used Hyundai

Perks of a Buying Used

Whether you’re from Jeffersonville, IN or Lousiville, KY, you’ve heard the tall tales of folks that buy used cars and have them break down within a few weeks. This sometimes happens when you shop with a car dealer without values. At our Hyundai dealership, in the New Albany, IN area, we value our customer's experience and satisfaction.

Our staff understands that you are buying a used Hyundai for your teen driver or your growing Clarksville, IN family. We work to expel these myths and provide you with a quality inventory of used Hyundai models. There are even a few advantages to buying a used Hyundai. Three of these advantages are:

  • Affordable Price: A used car tends to cost less then a new one. At the end of the day, that means instant savings which you can use to pay bills, buy groceries or save up for that vacation that you have been dreaming about.
  • More Car-Buying Options: It doesn’t matter if you’re from Jeffersontown, KY or beyond, everyone likes having options. Since a used Hyundai costs less than a new one, you have more options in the car-buying process. You just might be able to afford that flashy trim level with all the extra bells and whistles if you decide to buy used instead of new.
  • Lower Rate of Depreciation: A new car loses a significant amount of value as soon as you buy it. A used car doesn’t. This is because it has already gone through the process with its previous owner, which allows you to retain more of your investment!
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